The Goshala was donated by Sant Rajgiri Baba to us in 2014 with 6 cows. Presently 21 Nimari breed cows and 10 Geer breed cows are catering milk needs of our 411 students.

  1. Gobar gas plant.
  2. Vermi compost manure, Jeevamrut
  3. Organic Farming



“Nimar Abhyudaya Rural Management And Development Association (N.A.R.M.A.D.A.) has always strived to adopt new techniques and technologies for the progress of farmers of the region. With the same spirit its coordinator Digvijay Singh Chouhan led a three member team for a training in organic farming at Bodke wadi, Maan Village on the western outskirts of Pune, Maharashtra. The other members were Shankar kewat and Sanjeev Namdev during the three days of extensive training, they learned some very important practises and techniques for organic farming. The camp organised by Mr Dnyaneshwar Bhodke, the founder chairman of the Abhinav Farmers’ Club, has led special emphasis on the utility of Geer cow for farming and need for adopting hydroponics to provide quality feed for the cattle. Armed with the knowledge, our team took upon itself the task of improving the Goshala (cowshed) at our Ashram at Lepa Purvas. They began adopting the principles of cattle management techniques. Under Digvijay Singh’s supervision, Shankar Kewat and all students of N.A.R.M.A.D.A. Technical Institute have fabricated the hydroponics structure of the size 10*15*8 to keep 60 trays using one inch square iron pipes & green net. It was immediately put to use to grow green feed for the cows. After some initial menace of rats and rodents, our Goshala team has succeeded in growing maize & wheat grass per for Ashram’s cows and calves.”

Hydroponics at Goshala